Sell my iPhone?

How can I get the best deal when I sell my iPhone? Many people ask this question whenever they have an iPhone to sell so that they can upgrade to the latest model. Since you are most probably selling your old iPhone so that you can get more money to fund the purchase of the latest model, you want to get the best deal on your device. Our experts understand your situation and they have come up with tips that will enable you to sell your iPhone for the most money. The tips will also enable you to sell the iPhone quickly.

While selling a used iPhone, make sure that you have included its original box and all the necessary accessories. This will enable your used iPhone to compete with new devices in the market. Most buyers are willing to pay more for iPhones that come with their original packages because they indicate that the devices have been taken care of properly. Therefore, include the original box as well as the accessories of your device while selling it.

Unlock your iPhone

Unlocking your iPhone might be unauthorized especially if your contract with the current carrier is not yet over. However, an unlocked iPhone will capture more attention from prospective buyers. Since your goal is to sell your device quickly and at the best price possible, take time to unlock it before you offer it for sale. This way, you can expect a higher price and offers from many prospects.

List the device at the right time

It is important that you select the right time to list your iPhone for sale. Usually, the best time to list an iPhone for sale is before Apple announces the release or launch of a new iPhone model. This is because the announcement makes more people interested in selling their used iPhones. This means that the supply of used iPhones is high and therefore you will have many sellers to compete with. Therefore, make sure that you present your used iPhone for sale before Apple makes the announcement to launch or release a new iPhone model.

Set the right price

If you set a too low price for your iPhone, prospective buyers will doubt its quality. If you set too high price for the device, you might turn prospects away. Therefore, take time to conduct a research of iPhone prices in the market. Find out how much other old iPhone sellers are asking for their devices. This means that you must conduct a research of the specific iPhone model that you are selling. Remember that the condition of your device will determine its price as well as where you sell it.

Use the best iPhone sale service

How you sell your iPhone will influence the amount of money that you get from it. With our iPhone sale service, you sell your device at the best price possible. Are you are asking, how do I get the best deal when I sell my iPhone? Then use our sellshark service to get the best deal while selling your iPhone.

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